The University of Denver's undergraduate program in biological sciences includes options for both a bachelor of arts (BA) and a bachelor of science (BS). While both majors include heavy coursework in the biological sciences, they differ in other aspects of their curricula. The BS degree offers students a more intensive science and math experience, requiring a chemistry minor, a second minor of the student's choosing and one year each of both mathematics and physics, while the BA is more flexible, only requiring two quarters of math and one year of chemistry in conjunction with a minor of the student’s choosing.

Much of our coursework is taught by active researchers in the discipline and we provide extensive opportunities for in-depth research with faculty. Graduates can leave prepared for jobs or graduate work in a wide range of life sciences disciplines, including cell and molecular biology, neuroscience, and ecology and evolutionary biology. The curricula can be tailored to prepare students for futures in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and other health-related professional programs, such as physical therapy or as physician assistants. Many students, especially those pursuing the BA, combine their degree with a second major to further diversity their skillset.