We offer both a bachelor of arts (BA) and a bachelor of science (BS) in molecular biology. Both degrees require a chemistry minor, but the BS requires an additional minor and more course hours in biology, math and physics. With fewer requirements than the BS, the BA allows students the flexibility to combine their interests in biology with other disciplines such as law, policy or business. The BS degree appeals to students interested in pursuing medical or graduate school, while the BA is particularly useful for those hoping to combine molecular biology with a discipline outside the natural sciences. 

A degree in molecular biology allows students to develop an understanding of the way life on earth functions, down to the molecular level. Topics covered by the program include cell biology, biophysics, RNA biology, endocrinology, developmental biology, molecular forensics and neuroscience biophysics. For students interested in pursuing the links between biology, behavior and the brain, we offer a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. With small, informal classes and an engaged faculty with diverse research interests accessible to students, we offer an ideal pathway to knowledge, research and careers.